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Our passion is growing exceptional cannabis in a environmentally friendly way. Conscientious pest control, proper curing methods and careful handling ensure a clean and consistent product that can be enjoyed with total peace of mind

Emerald Twist provides cannasuers of Washington & Oregon* with Clean Green Certified, premium cannabis. Our Washington marijuana is grown on our farm in beautiful Goldendale, WA. Oregon marijuana is grown on our partner farms throughout Oregon.

Proud to be the 1st Certified Clean Green recreational marijuana in the nation! 

Our Clean Green Certification guarantees that our farm has passed the most stringent agricultural screening program available for cannabis and complies with stringent standards. You can breathe easy knowing that no toxic chemicals are used in Emerald Twist's products, not ever.

Our sungrown buds soak up all the goodness of the west coast sunshine while keeping our carbon footprint low. Natural soils and fertilizers give the plants what they need to thrive without the use of synthetic chemicals. Micro-irrigation systems keep our water usage to a minimum with very little waste, because we all know what a precious resource clean water is.

*In accordance with state laws, Emerald Twist cannabis products produced at our farm in Washington are transferred only to i502 licensed businesses in the state of Washington. Emerald Twist cannabis products produced in the state of Oregon are transferred only to state licensed businesses in Oregon.

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What’s in Store for Weed in 2016?

So 2015 was a helluva year for weed in Washington State: Cannabusiness became serious business, medical marijuana began its official demise, some weird and wonderful new products arrived on the market, and a whole lot of other madness happened. And while we’ve worked out a few kinks since we legalized pot, there’s still a lot […]

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‘Clean Green’-labeled marijuana is pesticide-free, environmentally friendlier

ADDY, Wash. – Chris Van Hook bent over a shrub-sized marijuana plant at Mountain High Farm with a magnifying glass last month, looking for imperfections in the fan-shaped leaves. A few of the fronds were “chewed on,” which is what Van Hook expects in a pesticide-free crop. Pot grown at the state-licensed operation can’t be […]

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Could Growing Recreational Marijuana Outdoors Help Save Energy?

Growing marijuana indoors requires a lot of energy — lights to speed up plant growth, dehumidifiers, heating and cooling equipment. Could sustainable outdoor farms be a more environmentally responsible alternative? A group of Washington marijuana growers say yes. Several workers sit around a  white table in a small room on a marijuana farm in Goldendale, […]

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Marijuana Venture Article: “Growing greener: The pros and cons”

While a growing number of consumers and growers appreciate the concept of produced cannabis, right now the legal industry occupies a gray area when it comes to verification. Because cannabis remains illegal federally, the United States Department of Agriculture has said it won’t certify operations. But two private companies — Clean Green Certified, and more […]

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Can a lifelong weed-hater find a strain he likes?

I’ve never liked weed. This confuses certain people; it’s like I just told them I hate ice cream. But at the age of 21, it was a profound relief when I figured out I could just pass the joint at a party, rather than subject myself to an obtrusive, spinny high.    Lately, though, some […]

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“CANNABIS 101” – Article from Cannabis Chronicles

Most of the I-502 growers I’ve talked to say that their marijuana is grown using practices. But how do you know for sure? That’s a more problematic issue than you might think. Only the U.S. Department of Agriculture can certify produce as, and it’s part of the federal government, which doesn’t recognize marijuana as a […]

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